Evening Menu

Main Course

Aged Prime Entrecote steak // 170 nis
300 gr.

Entrecote Rossini // 245 nis
300 gr.

Beef Fillet Medallions // 189/235 nis
300/400 gr.  

Fillet Rossini // 215/265/335 nis
200/300/400 gr.  

Beaf Prime Rib // 52 nis
per 100 gr.  

Chicken Steak // 80 nis
Roasted chicken thighs 

Norweigen Salmon Fillet // 120 nis

Sea Fish Fillet // 125 nis 

Goshen Beef Burger // 78 nis
Served with herb aioli 

Hamburger Foie Gras // 98 nis 
from Prime Beef with Foie Gras and Truffle Aioli 

Vegetarian Dish // 84 nis 
Gnocchi in sweet potato cream, sweet baked potato cubes, roasted chestnuts, green onions and sweet potato chips


House Focaccia // 26 nis
With a delicate coating of Atlantic salt, thyme and fresh garlic

Sirloin Carpaccio // 62 nis
Thin sirloin strips, preserved with lemon, olive oil and balsamic vinegar, served with a small salad of onion, radish and arugula

Lamb Kebab // 58 nis
Served on a pita with Turkish eggplant salad, green tahini and red onion

Endive Salad // 56 nis
Fresh lettuce, endive, fresh fruit, radish, almonds, red onion, cherry tomatoes, anchovies and capers in a basil and apple aioli sauce

Hanger Steak Yakitori // 62 nis
Served on eggplant cream, Sour seasoning herb salad and spicy aioli tomato sauce

Salmon tartare // 58 nis
Slices of salmon, herbs, peppers, onions and quinoa

Fresh Sea Fish Ceviche // 64 nis
Served on bruschetta, fresh herbs, pine nuts, red onions, radish, cherry tomatoes and raw taini

Chicken liver pate // 58 nis
with seasonal fruit jam, crispy shallots and bruschetta

Bruschetta entrecote // 68 nis
Thin slices of entrecote on roasted brioche, herbs aioli, pickled onion, green onions and cornishoni

Bruschetta Goose Liver // 82 nis
Served on a Belgian waffle, caramelized with date honey glaze and raw tahini

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