Business Menu

Served Sun-Thu. 12:00-17:00

The business includes an appetizer, house bread with dips, and a main course

Main Course

Chicken soprito // 62 nis

Fish // 62 nis
in a spicy tomato sauce

Risotto Porcini and Truffle // 62 nis

Lamb and beef kababs // 62 nis

Chicken Schnitzel // 62 nis
with Crispy Panko

Chicken liver // 66 nis
with caramelized onions in szechuan sauce

Hamburger // 68 nis
250 gr. of prime beef

Vegan Burger // 74 nis
Served with burnt vegetable sauce

Roasted chicken thighs // 68 nis

Entrecote sandwich // 74 nis
Strips of entecote with tomatoes, lettuce, onions and a herb aioli sauce

Norweigen Salmon Fillet // 98 nis

Sea Fish Fillet // 120 nis

Aged Prime Entrecote steak 300 gr. // 170 nis

Sirlion 300 gr. // 150 nis

Beef Fillet Medallions 250 gr. // 189 nis


Green salad
Fresh lettuce with seasonal fruits, topped with almonds in a basil and apple aioli sauce

Israeli salad
Cucumber, tomato and onion

Roasted vegetables with herbs and olive oil

Salmon ceviche (30 nis)
Slices of salmon, herbs, peppers, onions and quinoa

Lamb Kebab (25 nis)
Served on a pita with Turkish eggplant salad and green tahini

Hanger Steak Yakitori (25 nis)
Served on eggplant cream, Sour seasoning herb salad and spicy aioli tomato sauce

Sirloin Carpaccio (30 nis)
Thin sirloin strips, preserved with lemon, olive oil and balsamic vinegar


Lemonade / Orange Juice // 12 nis

Carbonated drinks // 12 nis

Goldstar from a barrel / Sol in a bottle / glass of house wine // 22 nis

Espresso / tea / black coffee // 10 nis


Apple Crumble // 28 nis
Caramelized apples with cinnamon, crispy dough with ice cream

Hot Chocolate Souffle // 28 nis
Chocolat souffle duet served with ice cream

Cremino // 32 nis
Velvety chocolate cream centered on creme brulee on a crunch of dark chocolate, nougat, and pretzel

Sorbet // 20 nis
Three scoops of sorbet in various flavors

Malbi // 28 nis
Berry jam and rose water, cashew and pistachios

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